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NORDMETALL is the Employers’ Association of the Metal and Electrical Industries

NORDMETALL is a service provider for businesses in the metal and electrical industries in Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, North-West Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. Our approximately 2670 members include mechanical engineers, shipyards, companies in the aerospace and automotive industries, steel producers and specialists in medical and electrical engineering. They employ around 130,000 people in the north of Germany.

We are in constant dialogue with all socially-relevant groups (employment agencies, pension funds, employers liability insurance associations and the Institute for the German Economy) and enables members to exchange information with each other.

Personal, fast, competent advice and information for businesses are of the highest order. They are guaranteed by our expert team of attorneys, engineers, business administration specialists, economists and our offices in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Emden, Hamburg, Kiel, Neubrandenburg, Oldenburg, Rostock, Schwerin and Wilhelmshaven. In order to be able to offer you comprehensive solutions, our specialists work closely on a cross-departmental basis.

You will benefit from the wide range of services of the NORDMETALL employers association and its extensive network.

What services are included in the membership fee?

  • Legal advice and representation in labor and social law and in the international deployment of personnel
  • An exclusive network with low-cost membership, with or without tariff commitment
  • Customized solutions by a 60-strong team of specialist lawyers, experts in labor market, education and collective bargaining policy, human resources, work organization and communication
  • Holistic, experienced on-site support at a fixed price
  • Modern, high-quality events, analog and digital, with relevant personalities
  • Participation in cultural highlights and social responsibility through the NORDMETALL Foundation
  • Labor science support, e.g. optimization of work organization, improvement of production systems, modernization of working time arrangements and new remuneration systems as well as company pension schemes and partial retirement schemes
  • Support for transformation processes, e.g. digital structural change
  • Occupational safety and health management
  • Securing skilled workers, marketing to young people, qualification of specialists and managers
  • Regular up-to-date information from these areas

Making the right decisions

Attorneys specialising in employment law advise and represent the companies competently in all areas of individual and collective employment law. NORDMETALL thus also helps to avoid expensive wrong decisions in matters of personnel and employment law.

Trust our competence

  • Advice on individual employment law and works council constitution law
  • Representation in all employment tribunal and social court proceedings
  • Employment law support for all types of operational change
  • Support in conciliation proceedings
  • Drafting and negotiation of employer/works council agreements
  • Specimen agreements/work resources

Securing future technical and management staff

Gaining and securing suitable technical and management staff now present many companies with increasing challenges. In order to guarantee their competitiveness and capacity for innovation, NORDMETALL and the NORDMETALL foundation are making a commitment in the form of a “learning curve” (from nurseries, primary education and vocational training to higher education and CPD).

Benefit from our training work 

  • Supports pre-school, educational and academic training projects aimed at improving the conditions for training and study
  • Provides careers advice to promote targeted, appropriate career choices
  • Supports and promotes in-house training
  • Initiates work-related study models
  • Promotes innovative, ground-breaking approaches to research and exclusive networking with the member businesses
  • Initiates and promotes continuing professional development, offering affordable seminars
  • Represents members’ interests in training and employment market policy

Finding comprehensive solutions

One of the main tasks of NORDMETALL is to draft the conditions of employment and business for our members. Our collective agreements represent a contemporary reconciliation of general minimum requirements with individual corporate structural possibilities. The combination of these stipulations determines the employment conditions in the businesses. Our team, which consists of attorneys, engineers, business administration specialists and economists, is at your disposal for advice and will help you to produce and implement practical solutions in the fields of collective bargaining law, personnel policy and business management.

Make use of our knowledge

  • Implementation of industry-wide collective agreements, taking account of the legal and actual general conditions
  • Negotiation of company-specific supplementary collective agreements
  • Optimisation of personnel policy
  • Improvement of production systems
  • Advice on protecting jobs
  • Advice on occupational health
  • Introduction and implementation of new remuneration systems
  • Modernisation and improvement of the working time structure in the business
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the change in demographics
  • Analysis of KPIs
  • Advice on matters arising from the support of collective bargaining law by social security legislation, particularly occupational pensions and pre-retirement part-time employment
  • Explanations, information and specimens for implementation of collective bargaining rules

Active at European and international level

In many cases, directives and other projects adopted at European and international level concern employment law, which affects not only international companies but also businesses domiciled in Germany.

Benefit from our knowledge and our network

  • Support in employment law matters with a European or international aspect, particularly regarding foreign secondments
  • Arranging European and international contacts, both with companies in other countries and with decision-makers in Brussels
  • Expressing the interests of our member businesses in respect of draft
  • directives or other projects at European level

Always in the know

The thread can easily be lost when countless regulations and updates in employment law, manpower studies and other fields have to be reconciled with competition-oriented management.

Stay up-to-date with us

  • Hands-on events, in-house training, working parties and networking for managers, HR managers, departmental managers, engineers and PR officers
  • Work resources, explanations, specimens
  • Fortnightly newsletter service ("NORDMETALL EXPRESS", responsively designed for your smart phone and tablet)
  • NORDMETALL website with exclusive password protected member content
  • Members magazine for managers: "STANDPUNKTE"
  • Monthly journal for your staff: "AKTIV im Norden"

And we also contribute our knowledge at exclusive personal meetings with our member businesses.

Finding a receptive public audience

Skilled media handling saves a lot of trouble and stress and creates a positive public image of the company. Practitioners support you with valuable tips and help prepare you for a public event. As the mouthpiece for business in Northern Germany, we publicly express businesses views on the economy, society and social policy.

Enhance your presence

  • Media training and preparation for public events
  • Advice for management on the specific targeting of various media
  • Image of businesses and entrepreneurs in our media
  • Public portrayal of employers points of view and commitment